Welcome to the Survivor MD Student Challenge Space! You are to use this wiki to complete the challenges from our project website.

If you are a visitor from another school, please use this wiki as a model to build your own. Add the url of your wiki on the Visitor page; we would love to visit when we do this project again in the winter!

  1. Cardio Tribe

  2. Gastro Tribe

  3. Neuro Tribe

  4. Ortho Tribe

  5. Pulmo Tribe

  1. Nerves of Steel

  2. Blood Rush

  3. Bone Crunchers

  4. Body Builders

  5. Inhalers

  6. Digesters

  1. Flexerz

  2. Breakdown

  3. Bone Breakers

  4. Air Raiders

  5. Heartbreakers

  6. Tremblers

  1. Adam Sandlot
  2. Pepe Roni
  3. Barbie Dahl
  4. Jasmine Achy
  5. Earl E. Riser
  6. Candy Kane
  7. Jerry Atrics
  8. Justin Time
  9. Trina Woods
  10. Elvis Paisley
  11. Sam Anchor