Nerves_of_steel_tribe.jpgNerves of Steel


Tribe Members:

Karishma,Yaylin,Belal,and Raymond

CHALLENGE 2: Create your logo and write your bios.

Leader Summary of Challenge:In this challenge we had to write a biography about ourselves, made a logo for our tribe and save them in this wiki. This challenge also required us to read about our jobs as a Neurologist.

Dr. Yaylin (Technician):
Hi my name is Dr.Yaylin and I am 28 years old. I am a Neurologist that works at St.Stars hospital. My hospital is located in Simpsons Avenue in Long Island,New York.The medical school I had gone to was Harvard University. I am so happy to be in Survivor MD because it will be a challenge for me and I like challenges and I am very competitive and it will be fun. The special skills I have that will help my tribe is I have smarts and I am strong.

Dr. Karishma (Science Writer):
Hi! My name is Dr.Karishma and I am 37 years old. I am a Neurologist and I work at North Shore Hospital. North Shore is located at 37 Miracle Street, Westbury, NY, USA. I attended Harvard Medical School and am very happy to be in this version of Survivor M.D. because I really want to show other doctors what I know and hope they can learn things from me and I really love to be challenged. The special skills that I have that will help my tribe is that I know how to treat disease of the brain, spinal cord etc. I hope you enjoyed learning about me.

Dr. Belal (Medical Illustrator):
My name is Dr.Belal, the medical school I go to is Harvard university. I am 88 years old I am a neurologist and I work at north shore hospital it is located in California, West Berry Street, and my address is 509. I am happy to be in this version of survivor MD because it gives me a chance to show my skills to others. The special skills I have are cure my tribe when they get poisoned, hurt, brake a body part, feel sick, ECT…

Dr. Ray (Disease Specialist): Hi! I'm Dr.Ray. Neurologists are doctors that need four years in a collage or university. They need to take tests to get the job. Neurologists are special type of physician who diagnoses people.
I’m a Neurologist and my name is Dr.Ray. I’m 47 years old. I practiced at Gregory Heal School in Iceland. I went to John Hopkins University. I’m happy to be a doctor in this version of survivor M.D. because I like helping people. I am good at healing wounds.

Problems and Obstacles:
Challenge 2:In this challenge our group had a little bit of trouble with the technology and Kids Pix. We also had some trouble communicating with each other towards the end of the challenge but we worked it out and worked together as best as we could.
Challenge 3: A problem we had was that we couldn't find out what site to write down but thanks to Mrs.K we did it at the end. We also had a good time on this challenge and we got immunity on the last challenge.

Challenge 3:

Summery of Challenge:
3/12: In this challenge you had to go to and watch a video about the human body and write 3 things you discovered,2 interesting things you have learned, and 1 question you still have.

3 Things Discovered about the Nervous System: 1. The Nervous System is a system of nerves.
2. Nerves send signals to your brain.
3.Nerves send signals to your brain to make decesions.
Questions: 1. How does the nervous system communicate with the other body parts?
2. Why are nerves called nerves?
3. How do the nerves send signals to the brain?
4. Do nerves stay in the same spot at all times?
2 Interesting Things Discovered: 1. The Digestive System breaks down food so nutrients & water can be used by your body.
2. The Immune System battles things like viruses & bacteria that try to make you sick.
Human Body, All Systems Go. 1 Jan. . Body Systems . Brain Pop. 12 Mar. 2009 <>.

Challenge 4


Jerry Atrics, is 66 years old and is a male.



There is no treatment for Alzheimers but some ways
to help are to tr to manage behavior problems,confusion,
and to modify the home enivorment,and to have caregivers
or family members around.

YOUR DIAGNOSIS:Alzheimers Disease- a brain disease that affects memory,
thinking, and behavior. Memory impairment is a feature needed for the diagnosis.
Things people can forget is their language,familiar places and names.

Karishma:I would advise Mr.Atrics to try to walk regularly with
a companion and try to listen to calming music.
Yaylin: I would tell Mr.Atrics to try to manage his behavior problems, and to
breath slowly.
Ray: The advice I give Jerry Atrics is to go to a physchologist and get family members to help him.
Belal: Listen to calming music will