Inhaler Tribe

Tribe Members: Ashley , Alanis , Ishan , Samuel


CHALLENGE 2: Create your logo and write your bios.

Leader Summary of Challenge:
Some challenges that our tribe the Inhailer tribe faced were having to leave our mission or challenge because of a assembly. Another is taking time to paste our bios and saving. that almost took up our wiki time. It was still enjoyable to help out each other. We all enjoyed using our skills and helping each other.

Human Body :All Systems Go!. 12 Mar. 2009. Human Body. Brain Pop. 12 Mar. 2009 <>.

Dr. Ashley M. (Disease Specialist):

Hello my name is Dr. Ashley and I am 28 years old. I practiced at Winthrop Hospital it had lots of kids in Winthrop Hospital and a hand full of adults this is located in New Jersey. I went to medical school at Harvard University. I so happy to be in this version of Survivor MD because I can meat new people.
My special skill is being a Pulmonologist.

Dr. Ishan (Technician):
I Dr. Ishan am a pulmonologist. I specialize on diseases. I have special skills and knowledge on diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary conditions and diseases.

I have studied my practice in Duke University. I my age is 29 years old. I graduated in 1972. I practiced in St. Adams Gregory Hospital, Orland, Florida. I am so happy to be here because I enjoy sharing my practice and skills with other doctors. I will use my special disease skills to help save people and valuable lives.

Dr. Samuel (Medical Illustrator):
My name is Dr. Samuel, and I am a pulmonologist. I am 28 years old. My job is being a specialist of lungs. I am certified of being a pulmonologist. I practiced at East Island St. Christopher’s Hospital, in East Park, Rhode Island. I graduated at Washington University. I am happy to be in Survivor M.D. because I want to share my ability and thoughts about how to fix the lungs. My skills are realizing what is wrong with the lungs and try to illustrate what is wrong with the lungs onto paper.

Dr. Alanis (Science Writer):Hi my name is Dr Alanis and I am 26 years old. The Hospital I practiced at was North Shore Hospital. It was a very great Hospital to work at. I went to Medical School at Washington University. I am so happy to be in this version of Survivor MD because it looks like a really fun thing to do. The special skills I have that will keep my tribe is being Pulmonologist.
The special skills I have that will keep my tribe alive being a Pulmonologist are
Helping my tribe breathe correctly through
each and every task.


In challenge 3 we had to whatch a moive on brainpop and then answer questions on a sheet of paper. We also had to find out 2 things about another system.


Challenge 5 6/11/2009
Hello I am Dr.Ishan,Dr.Alanis,Dr.Samuel and Dr.Ashley!
Our patient was named Adam Sandlot, a 45 year old lawyer who works long hours and smokes a pack of cigaretts a day. His symptoms are wheezing, chest pain, loss of weight and heavy breathing. His diagnosis is asthma (when your lungs get filled with substances and gets clotted and it is very hard to breath.
Dr. Ishan- Adam I have a way that you can lower yout chances of having a asthma attack by taking a inhaler and you can use nicorete gum to help you stop smoking.
Dr.Samuel-Asthma is a diesease where your bronchioles tubes swell up and a few more things. Smoking will just burn holes in your lungs which will make it worse.Stop smoking!!! It'll kill you!!!
Dr.Ashley- Asthma stop smoking!
Dr.Alanis- What could help you is that you can exerise a little at a time and stop smoking.
the challenge was very exciting because we worked at a team! the hard part of this task was that several diseases had the same symptoms that Adam Sandlot had and it was difficult to find the most similar symptoms.