Tribe Members: Dr. Andrew, Dr. Ben, Dr. Michael and Dr. Danielle


CHALLENGE 2: Write your bio and design a logo for your tribe.

Leader's Notes 1/22/09:

We had a couple difficulties in this challenge. One of our teammates got up and disturbed the Cardio tribe. We almost lost points but we only got a warning. It was a rough beginning. Besides that, our tribe didn't have that much difficulties.

Doctor Bio's:

  • My name is Dr.Andrew. I’m 35 years old and I practiced at St. Illness in New York. I went to Harvard University and studied diseases having to do with the digestive system. I am happy to be on this version of Survivor MD because I think it will be a real adventure and a lot of fun. I understand how food moves through the digestive system. If my tribe ate something bad, I will know how to fix it and we can keep going in our challenge.

  • My name is Dr. Ben. I’m 32 years old. I practice at National Cross Hospital and it’s in New York City. I went to Harvard and I’m a Gastroenternologist. I’m very happy to be here because we will be doing different things. I know many diseases.

  • Hi .My name is Dr. Michael. I’m 32 years old. I studied at University of Michigan. I am a Gastroenterologist. A gastroenterologist works with the digestive system. I am happy to be on Survivor MD because it might be a good time to show my stuff. It might help me get some publicity. I might get some more patients.

  • Hi my name is Dr. Danielle, I am 27. I went to medical school at Yale university and its located in Connecticut. I’m a gastroenterologist. I work in Red Cross Hospital and it is in New York City. I work as a M.D so I can help people.

Challenge 3:Take notes on a video about the human body.

Facts:The digestive system breaks down food. That way nutrients and water can be used by the body can be used by the body. The respiratory system exchanges carbon dioxide for oxygen so we can breath. The nervous system is a network of nerves that sends signals toyour brain so it can make decisions. The urinary sytem gets rid of chemical waste.
Questions:Dr.Michael asks:What does smoking do to the digestive sytem?
Dr.Andrew asks:How come only twins look the same sometimes?
Dr.Ben asks:Are there any other body systems besides the ones it the movies?
Dr.Danielle asks:How are boys and girls body systems different?
Human Body. 5 Jan. Brainpop. 5 Feb. 2009 <Human Body. Brainpop. 5 Feb. 2009 .>.
We had only a few difficulties. One person in our tribe was watching the wrong video and wasted time. She was also talking to another tribe member and distracted him.

Challenge 4