Breakdown Tribe


Tribe Members:

The people in our tribes are Dr. Joyce, Dr. Emily, and Dr. Brandon.

CHALLENGE 2: Create your logo and write your bios.

Leader Summary of Challenge:
During the challenge, we had a couple of disagreements. There was also an assembly that day and we didn't know our password and usernames for the wiki. There was also a week off of school. We argued a little but in the end we worked things out and we finished our first challenge. 3/12/09,

Dr. Joyce (Disease Specialist):
Hello, my name is, Dr. Joyce, and I am a Gastroenterologist. I am 24 years old and I studied at Yale University but I practice at Breakdown Brandon Hospital in San Francisco, California. I am so excited and happy to be in this version of Survivor MD because when I win this show, I’ll be famous! My special skills that I have that will help my tribe are that I am much cooperated, is good at math, is artistic, and is a people person. I forgot to tell you that my job basically is a physician that helps in diseases in the digestive system and I very much enjoy it.

Dr. Emily (Science Writer):
My name is Dr. Emily I am a Gastroenterologist. I am 29 and I practiced at Medical Hands Hospital. I went to Yale University School. I am very happy to be a Gastroenterologist because I help people when they are having problems with there digestive system. I think that I will be a big help with the tribe because I am friendly, smart and helpful.

Dr. Brandon (Medical Illustrator/Technician):
Hi my name is Dr. Brandon and I am 35 years old. I practiced at the New York hospital in Queens. I went to medical school at Mount Sinai. I’m a gastroenterologist. I fix peoples digestive system. I’m happy to be on this version of survivor because I can show my skills as a gastroenterologist on live T.V. I’m really good at pumping people’s stomach and I think that will help my tribe win!!!

Challenge 3

Leader Summery of Challenge:
Today's challenge was fine. We had a little trouble with the citation making that the medical illistrator had to work on. First of all, we didn't know what a citation was.

Three things that our tribe discovered about our body system is that:

  • it breaks down food so nutrients and water can be used by your body
  • has a large intestine and a small one
  • there is a tube through your lungs that bring down the food
The 2 things we learnd about the other body systems are;
  • the nervous system is a network of nerves that send sinals to your brain so that it can make decisions
  • the respiratory system exchanges harmful carbon dioxide for oxygen through breathing
1 question I still have is that:
Why is the small intestine longer than the large intestine?

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Challenge 4

Challenge 5:

Summery of Challenge: Our challenge was to diagnose a patient named Barbie Dahl. We went on sites to help us find out what was her symptom and gave her advice to help her get better. After we wrote our info down on a medical chart, we took that info and typed it onto Microsoft Word. We thought this challenge was fun and easy beacause we worked very well and finished our task in time. We are proud of our work and we hope to win this challenge. Even if we don't win, we are glad that we tried our best and that we reached this far.

Diagnosis:(Disease and definition of the disease) Our patient has anorexia nervosa. Anorexia nervosa means that the person refuses to stay at the minimum body weight considered normal for their age. They also have a fear of gaining weight and body image.


(How can the disease be treated?)
We recommend that Barbie goes to a therapist or mental counselor to help her recognize that her eating disorder is a problem. She will need help to restore her body weight and change her eating habits. Actually, we feel that Barbie is in danger of losing so much weight that her life might be in jeopardy. We recommend that she is checked into a hospital, where her food intake and mental health can be monitored and treated.
Dr. Emily: It depends when you will recover. Since you are still young, you will have a better chance to recover. If you follow our advice, you will recover in no time!J
Dr. Joyce: Once you receive treatment, you will be able to Eat ALL of your meals each day. Don’t exercise as much and maybe go hang out with your friends to get your mind off your disease.
Dr. Brandon: And don’t deny you have anorexia nervosa. Good luck and best wishes for you to over-come this disease.