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CHALLENGE 2: Create your logo and write your bios.

Leader Summary of Challenge:

Dr. Steph (Science Writer):

Dr. Stephanie is 27 years old. She works at Bone Walk Hospital, which is located at 37th and 4th of New Avenue, in New York. Dr. Stephanie went to Harvard University Medical School. I am so happy to be in this version of Survivor M.D because I feel I can use my knowledge of being a Orthopedic Surgeon well in the challenges. My special skills that I have that will help my tribe are that I can be a little brainy at times.

Dr. Andrew (Medical Illustrator/Technician):
Dr. Andrew is 28 years old. He works at No Mercy Hospital, which is located at Port Street New York. The medical school I went to was at Harvard University. I am happy to be on this version of Survivor MD because I have a good team. The skills I have is that I know how to find food and heal broken bones.

Dr. Ashley K. (Disease Specialist):
Ashley is age 26 and works at Surgen Bone Hospital. Surgen Bone Hospital is located at 57th street and 76th Avenue. I went to school at Harvard University and began at Washington University. I am happy to be on this vison of survivor md because I think I can be a help the team. My Orchopedic Surgeon skills will hopefully help my tribe win challenges.

Challenge 2 obstacles: My tribe had an obstacle when Dr. Andrew was absent.Also in the beginning of the challenge we had trouble logging in to the wiki.The last obstacle was that we had to leave early during the class for a school play.

CHALLENGE 3 screedbot.gif

Challenge 3 taking notes: The diffuculties: Our tribe's new leader was Dr. Ashley, the first part of his challenge was to watch Brain Pop, the human body. Our difficulties were finding our human body parts, the skeletal system.

Challenge 3 taking notes: 3/12/09, The challenge was to watch Brain Pop and take notes on our body system. Then, the medical illustrator had to go to Elementary School Citation Maker and write a bibliography.

Human Body. 3 Mar. 2009. Human Body. Brain Pop. 3 Mar. 2009

The note sheets: Dr.Stephanie, Dr. Andrew, and Dr.Ashley all discovered that the skeletal system is made of bones that hold the body up and protect the vital organs of your body's other systems.Two interesting things we learned about the other human systems were that the digestive system breaks down food so that nutrients and water can be used by your body.The circulatory system has the heart pumping blood through your body.The questions we had about the skeletal system were that if I were to break all my bones in my leg could I still live without a wheelchair? Another question was that if you fractor your 10th rib and your 9th rib can you still live? And the last question is how do your bones move in circles and not break?


Challenge 5: Diseases.

Dr. Andrew: In this challenge we had to diagnose our patient, Paris Hiphop. We had to do alot of research about her diagnoses and how to treat it because we had never done something like this before, Paris Hiphop is ok she only had a nose fracture. 6/11/09
Dr. Steph: The difficulties about this challenge was diagnosing the patient and giving the patient a prognosis. The successes with this challenge were how the outlook for the patient is a full recovery.
Dr.Ashley: Diagnosis:(Disease and definition of the disease) A nose fracture is the diagnoses. A nose fracture is a break in the bone or a cartilage over the bridge, in the sidewall, or septum (line dividing the nostrils) of the nose.Treatment:(How can the disease be treated?) 1. Make sure the patient is calm Make the patient sit up right so the blood doesn’t go back down the throat 3. Apply cold ice pack to the nose to reduce swelling. The patient should hold the ice pack so that there isn't too much pressure on the nose. To help relieve pain use Tylenol or other pain relieving medicines such as anti-inflammatory meds. Acetaminophen.
(What is the outlook for this patient? What advice do you have for your patient?)
1. The bruising appearance usually goes away after two weeks.
2. Nose fracture should
3. Try to keep ice pack on face, but don’t apply pressure.

4. Try not to go to the clubs anymore or dance for a while.
5. Try to keep head up when sleeping especially, this will help additional swelling go down.
6. Dr. Ashley thinks you will recover fully if you listen to Dr. Ashley’s orders.
7. Dr. Andrew hopes you will look more carefully at where you are going.
8. Dr. Stephanie thinks that Paris should not drink any more alcohol or at least try to limit drinking and walking into things like other people’s fists. Remember to be patient while the swelling goes down.
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