Body Builders Tribe


Tribe Members:

Dr.Connie Dr.Kristen Dr.Jonathan

CHALLENGE 2: Create your logo and write your bios.

Leader Summary of Challenge:

Dr. Connie (Medical Illustrator/Technician):

My name is Dr. Connie, I am 25 years old. I practice in the wonderful St. Cardinal Hospital, it is located in Missouri. I went to an amazing medical school, I went to Harvard University. I learned well in that school it taught me a lot of medical information. I am so happy to be in Survivor MD, getting in challenges would be so exciting to be in! Some skills I could use in Survivor MD are that I’m good at math, spelling and reading. I think I’m kind of smart, I am especially good at math.

Dr. Kristen R. (Science Writer):
My name is Dr. Kristen. I am 24 years old. I went to Harvard University to become a doctor. I practiced in North Shore hospital. I am so happy to be in survivor MD because we work as a team and we will try to win every single challenge. I have the skill to work as a team and flexibility.

Dr. Jonathan (Disease Specialist):

My name is Doctor Jonathan from Washington University. I am now 23 years old and I have practiced in Hollow Hills Hospital in Africa and also in Slick Rock Hospital in Australia. I am happy that I am in Survivor MD because it’s very challenging and maybe fun. The skills I am needed in the group is to draw as artist.

Problems and Obsticals
A challenge to the Body Builders today was tough. We could not get into our wiki’s and it was tough getting our bio’s in the wiki too. We worked with the computer teacher and we finally got it to go on our wiki. Our problem was the password but we finally got it. That was our problem of the day.

Challenge 3

Brain Pop Questions:

Some questions we had about the muscular system that we did not find out was One: We want to find out, why do you need the muscular system except for allowing the muscles to move? Two: What will happen if the muscular system is not working well? Three: If you break a bone in the muscular system will that change forever?

March 12, 2009
In challenge 3, we had to take notes on Brain Pop on the subject Heath, Human Bodies.

Important Notes:

- Our body’s design is even more impressive than our most complicated machine.

- All systems depends on each other to work well.

- The muscular allows your muscles to move.

Problems and Obsticals:
We had problems getting some of the information into the wiki. We worked as a team and we finally got it done. We also had trouble on getting notes from brain pop.


Challenge 5

Diagnosis a Patient
Diagnosis -Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis- Causes joint inflammination for at least 6 weeks in children 16 years or younger/ is the most common type of childhood arthritis.

Treatment:Non steroidal anti-inflamminatory drugs.

Kristen- The outlook I have for Mikey Kid is to rest a lot and don’t tell a lot of people about it.

Connie- Some advice to tell Mikey Kid is to watch and protect your body and your surroundings.

Jonathan- When you wake up in the morning have a good breakfast and stay away from playing sports. Rest your knees and ankles and don’t run.

Problems and Obsticals
Some challenges that we faced was when we had to find a diagnose for our patient when we didn’t know what it was.

In Challenge 5 we had to find a diagnose and a treatment for our patient, Mikey Kid.