Blood Rush Tribe

Tribe Members:Dr.Madison Dr. Manny Dr. Aran Dr. Bhakti

CHALLENGE 2: Create your logo and write your bios.

Leader Summary of Challenge:

Dr. Madison (Science Writer):

Hello! My name is Dr. Madison. I am 26 years old and I practiced at St. Blood Heart. It is located in Agnes Blvd in Florida. I went to Medical School in University of Florida. I enjoy being in survivor M.D because I am learning to cooperate with other people. The special skills I have that will help my tribe are that I get along with other people and always have fun.

Dr. Aran (Technician):
Hello. My name is Dr. Aran. I’m 32 years old and I practiced at St. Heart Bloody in Florida. My Medical school was University of Maryland. I’m really happy to be in this version of survivor M.D. because I could learn a lot of things about the Circulutory system. The special skills I have is creativity.

Dr. Bhakti (Medical Illustrator):
Hello! I am Dr. Bhakti. I am 32 years old. I practiced at St. Illness. It is located in western . I went to medical school in Mount Sinai. I extremely happy to be in this version of survivor M.D. because I will learn while having a fun time. My special skills I have to help my team survive are I have are remembering details, I can help cure anything to do with blood and the circular system, and I am very artistic.

Dr. Manny (Disease Specialist):
My name is Dr.Manny. I’m 37 years old and I work at Clear Heart Hospital in Santiago, Chile. The medical school I went to was Washington University. I am happy to be on Survivor MD, because I am ready to research, survive, and win that prize! My special skills are history, science, and bone crunching hockey. I will be the winner of Survivor MD and I am a cardiologist!

For our picture it took alittle to long to decorate it and pose it . Manny's bio wasn't saving properly. On Aran's computer it didnt have sr-students. When Ms. Ruggiano looked at her teacher stuff Madison's bio was saved in teacher stuff while it was suppose to be in sr-students. After alittle while we each cooperated and helped eachother what to write and what to make as our picture. Bhakti and Manny helped make the logo and Aran and Madison wrote what we had problems with our group and what we did good together.We really are a great team together. We are all friends and getting along.

Challenge 3

The diffculties for this challenge we had trouble deciding who to vote to minus points for the challenge . The rest of the challenge was a success
Human Body. 1 Jan. . Body Systems. Brainpop. 12 Mar. 2009

When we took notes from brainpop, we learned about other systems like nervous system which is a system that has a network or nerves that sends signals to your brain so that it can make decisions. Another thing that we learned was the endocrine systen which means a system that contains all the hormonal glands that controls body growth and reproduction. The things that we learned about our system is a system that has the heart pumping blood through your body so oxygen and nutrients can get to the parts that need them. Your brain wouldn't function without blood. Our question that wasn't answered was, how is blood made and another question was what is the most important body system in your body.

Challenge 4

Challenge 5 -Patient

In this challenge we had to diagnose the patient Earl E. Riser. We used this site and found out he had hypertention leading to a heart attack. Then we wrote then prognosis.
Patient Name- Earl E. Riser
Symptoms- He is experiencing a dull ache in his chest that travels through his arm. He often feels dizzy. Blood Pressure=150
Heart Attack = Abnormal heart rythms, chest pains, dizzy, high blood pressure, arm pain.

Defenition- A heart Attack is when low blood flows cause the heart to starve for oxygen. Heart muscledies or becomes permanitly damaged, your doctor calls this myocardial infarction.
Treatsment- When you have this disease you should stay in the hospital and be hooked up to (ECG) machine

We think that you should stay in the hospital because you have hypertention leading to a heart attack! You should really stop smoking and drinking. You should also catch up to your sleeping to try to stay in good health, remember this could lead to a heart attack.

Our group had some problems. Like when time was running out of time and almost didn't finish our jobs, everything else was pretty ok.